Nobody needs saving


This morning I saw the heron, majestically swooping down through the garden and gracefully landing by the side of the pond where he is now standing, already motionless, keeping watch as the surface of the water shimmers in the morning light.

It is snow drop time.

And as I lay in bed this morning I felt the soft warm glimmerings of tenderness, infused with a quiet, almost imperceptible joy, easing their way through the greyness of my heart.

Nobody needs saving.

Nobody needs saving.

I am being gently released from a lifetime of unsuccessfully – and often barely consciously – attempting to save and be saved.

No body needs saving.

And love can be released from the cocoon it has been relegated to – under layers of manipulations and attempts to do something to change you, myself or the world to make it (or you or me), ‘better’.

Love can be released to do the work… which only love can do

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